Our Purpose

Empower People with the knowledge to preserve their Art through Preventive Conservation , which aims to avoid invasive treatments by controlling the enviroment.

Our Concept

Through the assesment of the enviromental conditions were each unique piece is exhibited we provide tailormade plans for its preservation, minimizing its deterioration an allowing to enjoy it for a longer time.

We Belive in

Ecomla Art | Preventive Conservation Consulting

Caring for your valuable objects.

Customized solutions for your needs.

High Quality and Value.

Enjoy Art Responsibly.

Where we Worked & Trained


  • Metropolitan Museum of Art New York - Costume Institute, USA
  • Brookling Museum of Art, USA
  • Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian - Conservation Lab, USA
  • Bata Shoe Museum (Canada)
  • Ministry of Culture of Colombia, Colombia
  • Casa Museo Quinta de Bolivar, Colombia.
  • Museo de La Independencia, Colombia.
  • District of Bogota Archive, Colombia.

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